This infographic is an introduction to the Omnichannel Research made by Corpora360 in the last two months.

As we explained in our previous article, the aim of this research is to learn from the actual Spanish retail state, analyzing both Spanish and foreign companies.

We have separated the first part of the research titled Web and Mobile presence in three different sections in order to focus better the readers attention.

Infografía_Corpora_V11 (2)

On the first block, could be found the composition of the sample. We would like to highlight the origin of the brands and how are them distributed by sector.

We have selected a major part of national brands since our first aim was to analyze if they were adapting their customer strategies to omnichannel direction. After that, we concluded that comparing them with foreign brands that were also represented in Spanish retail market could be interesting for having a complete view of the situation.

Those 119 companies are some of the most important retailers which have physical and online presence in Spain and belong to 10 different sectors. The number of brands of each sector depends on the size of them being more represented those sectors with higher online activity.

On the second block we analyzed the online presence of the chosen brands, basing the analysis in two key aspects: online shop and responsive website. As we can see, an 82% of the firms sell their products across online channel, a 30% have responsive websites and finally, the 22% of the online shops are responsive.

It means that almost every studied brand has online shop, but the major part has not it adapted for mobile devices. By sector, we can verify that toys retail, footwear and fashion brands are the most adapted to ecommerce sales.

Finally, on the last block we have checked the brands presence on mobile channel. The first graphic shows the percentage of firms that have any App or Web App specific for mobile devices. Large retail, toys retail and textile fashion brands are the most concerned about mobile access.

The 52% of the companies enable their users access by mobile devices across any app previously downloaded. Of that percentage, a 74% of the brands have their mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices, whereas a 23% have them available apps for iOS devices and only a 3% of the companies have exclusively Android apps.

To conclude, we found very surprising that only the 21% of mobile apps allows their customers to buy online.

In our opinion, there is still a long way for these brands to achieve an optimum web and mobile omnichannel integration.

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