Periscope is a new video streaming platform which is on everyone’s lips at present. Why is that? Maybe because in one month got 1 million users or because it had gained over two million users after five months running? Why is so interesting? It has to be more than its almost six millions users of today…

So whats it all about? Let´s go to check some interesting things about Periscope.

Periscome had become real after that another streaming platform –Meerkat app– was supported also by Twitter. This app was exactly the same than Periscope but apparently did not like them or just it worked better as Twitter expected because they decided to buy Periscope for $100 million, although Meerkat was there.

So, what is exactly does Periscope? Periscope is a «live video streaming platform» which record any situation when is happening from your mobile phone and allows to share it in Twitter. And because is a broadcasting in real time any Twitter user is able to participate in a chat about it, asking questions or comments about it. And of course, the same person who is broadcasting too.

In case that you are login in Periscope, you will get a notification anytime that the people youre following do a live transmission. But the vídeos remains «on air» just for 24 hours. After that time, the content disappears and no one can watch it again, not even the owner. Also you can click looking around the world to watch any video streaming that is taking place at that moment.

The beauty of Periscope is that is more than a tool. It is a free mobile app, but why is this so  remarkable? If we just think about a couple years ago when to broadcast any show required an infraestructure with certain expenses, results a bit more understandable.

The main thing is that Periscope has became quite popular. For instance, Hilary Clinton used Periscope to streamed her first appearance for the presidential campaing ; Ellen Degeneres invited to watch the brainstorming meeting of her program, and so on… But also, a lot of anonimous people, a lot of companies that want to share their experiences with the world… Or just with a few, because Periscope lets you also to share with your group of friends. So anyone can be the reporter of Grandfather’s birthday. Or as Kayvon Beykpour, 27 years old founder of Periscope said for El Pais newspaper: «to show the B-side of a show».

That is one of the most interesting things about Periscope or any other similar video streaming platform: anyone can use it with at least very personal results. It is a new point of view from the mobile experience. And that is why we pay attention about it. As we always posted, everything involved with mobile is sensitive of being used for mobile commerce.

Are you thinking about the possibilities of shopping on a video streaming? Or providing a personal shopper in real time? We do 🙂

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