Since that Jeff Bezos launched an ecommerce system by «a click» with Amazon, a number of years have gone by since this is a reality for everyone. But today, the fight looks like the toughest battle since this started.

Lets go to take a look at recent history of buy button evolution and it will quickly be very obvious that a new ecommerce reality is already here. All it started when in 1997, Bezos applied for a US patent on a method and system for single-action ordering of items in a client/server environment, to protect his idea. And it was completely useful. In 1999, Amazon sued Barnes & Noble over its similar Express Lane buy button. Since then, as B&N, any company which aims to do something similar is forced by a judge to add extra clicks.

After a few years latter (thirteen to be more specific), Braintree a platform of payments- released Venmo Touch, an iOS-based buy button. After that, PayPal acquired Braintree and retools Venmo Touch as One Touch PayPal. The starting signal had sounded in that moment.

In 2014, Facebook tested a Buy button for third-party retailers. And Twitter followed suit.

Already in 2015, we can say that the future is here. In june 30th, Pinterest started of offering direct purchases, given to the shops the option to pay to promote «Buyable Pins». Instagram started also, getting on board of the same trend as a future source of revenue.

As Amazon, Pinterest will be an example to follow. In fact, according to its own results, the average order value of sales coming from Pinterest is $50 higher than any other major social platform. Also, orders from Pinterest on mobile devices has increased by 140% in the last two years, and orders from non-US countries has increased 130% from 2013 to 2014.

But, if it was not enough, last july, Google announced that its adding a buy button to mobile search results (the paid ones), just to sell to retailers its enormous amount of data.

This is the state of art today, but if we want to be more accurate about what is going to happen soon, there is an important date to remember in the near future: in September 12th of 2017, Amazons 1-Click patent will expire. Would you be able to predict what is going to happen since that date? The platforms of Social Media looks like are ready, is your ecommerce shop too?

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