This year, Corpora360 has gone a step further around the mobile commerce. Until now, there was not another study where so many brands has been analyzed one by one. In total, Corporate360 includes in its report the mobile commerce presence of the 100 most representative companies of the Fashion Industry in Spain, doing a distinction between manufacturers (83) and Pure Players (online distributors).

The study shows a big picture of fashion industry, presenting the retail developments to adapt the offer into the mobile channel according to the new consumer habits. The mean trends are led by brands as Zara, Mango or Privalia.
One of the significant data of the study is the comparison with the last year report about Strategy Omnicanal for the Spanish Market Retail. According to 2015 study, 86% of the manufacturers has made their homeworks, having already a web ready for mobile. (90 per cent of online distributors), instead of the 40% of 2014.

About the solutions that the brands choose, 64% of the brands prefer a web responsive in front of the web mobile (43%). Looking the Pure Players, the distribution is in more balance, 58% choose web responsive in front of 53% of web mobile.

As Corpora360 mentioned before, the last changes of Google (april 2015), were the tiger of this evolution, standing out the 33% increase in the adaptation of brands to web responsive, the 34% into mobile web and 21% into native apps (in front of the 8% of last year).

According to this report, is very significant the increase of the native apps for all the players. Although, the Pure Players are leading the road with a 80% of apps for e-shops. Is interesting to point the evolution of the different subsectors of the study: The textile sector has gone from 24% of 2014 to 35% in 2015; footwear from 13% of 2014 to 19% in 2015 and Accessories from 38% to 50%.

What the users say about the apps quality

Looks like the most value textile brands as Zara, Inside Kiabi, Mango or accessories as Uno de 50 have also the best apps for the users; beside Zalando or BuyVip in the side of online distributors. The highlight by users are:

Related to the Usability: speed, accessibility; easiness and simplicity; lack of problems and effectiveness.

Related to the information offered by the brands, users value the catalogue update about last fashion trends and the location of nearest shops.

About resources in the market places, the searcher option is one of the most included with a 73% in front of the 20% of brands. The Pure Players consider also important the social media sharing with a 60% on their sites instead of 20% of brands.

Please, click here to download the full report: Estudio_MMODA15_Update

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